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Raiders and Rangers

Mosby's Rangers and the Loudoun Rangers

Mosby and 69 of his men spent the night at Miskel Farm in Loudoun County. In the morning they were surprised and nearly captured by the 1st Vermont Cavalry. However, the inexperienced Yankees panicked when Mosby led a counter charge. He not only defeated the Vermonters, he also captured almost 100 of their horses.

Our next destination was on the other side of Leesburg, in the charming town Waterford, where Union sympathizers formed the Loudoun Rangers, the only organized unit of Virginians to fight against the Confederacy. Here in August of 1862, they were attacked by a Confederate company of men from Loudoun County. Here literally brother fought against brother, and after the Rangers ran out of ammunition and surrendered, Confederate William Snoots tried to shoot his brother who had fought against him, but was stopped by an officer.

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17miskelfarm 19pals 21wtrfdsign
Miskel Farm today John and E.B. at Miskel Farm Waterford Church plaque
22baptistchurch 24waterford 25house
Waterford Baptist Church Waterford School Virts House in Waterford
2602lunch 2603ladies 2604loudon
Picnic Lunch Lynn and Pam Pastoral Scenery

Photos taken by Linda Walcroft, October 2003


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Extra photos of Miskel Farm

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