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In The Footsteps of Mosby's Rangers and More

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On this field trip, our class visited some of the places connected with John Singleton Mosby, famed Confederate guerilla leader, plus Waterford, scene of battle between the Union's local Loudoun Rangers and a Confederate cavalry unit. Join us for a virtual tour through Virginia's lovely piedmont region, starting in Fairfax, visiting Herndon, stopping to look at Miskel's Farm, and touring the unspoiled town of Waterford. Then continue with our next trip through additional Mosby sites.

Mosby was an admirer of Frances Marion, the Revolutionary War hero known as the Swamp Fox, whose guerilla warfare methods confounded his enemies. In 1862, Mosby asked the Confederate government for permission to operate in a similar manner. The Partisan Ranger Act passed in Richmond, making it legal to operate in a manner previously associated with outlaws.

Fairfax Courthouse, Virginia was behind Union lines in March of 1863, when Mosby slipped in and captured Union General Edwin H. Stoughton from his bed. Mosby also captured two captains, 30 privates, and 58 horses.Lincoln's response was said to be "Too bad about the horses!"

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02mosbytalk 03courthouse 07confederate
Dr. Poland describes skirmish early in war and 1863 raid at Fairfax Courthouse Confederate Monument, Fairfax VA
09rte50 12friendstree 13exhibit
Site of the Barricade, Little River Turnpike Old tree at Frying Pan Meeting House Exhibit, Herndon Depot
14station 15herndon 16depot
Herndon Railway Depot & Museum - Site of a Raid by John Singleton Mosby, March 17, 1863.

Photos taken by Linda Walcroft, October 2003 on a trip that was part of Advanced Civil War class, Northern Virginia Community College


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Note: The Herndon Depot is well worth a visit. See the Herndon Historical Society website.