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The Battle of Gettysburg

Day Three: July 3, 1863

General Lee believed that he could successfully attack the Union position on Cemetery Ridge. He ordered the attack that we now call Pickett's Charge. It's failure forced Lee to withdraw his army back to Virginia.

Above: Photo of Dr. Poland from 1995 Gettysburg Tour. Other photos on this page were taken in 2004.
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D07book D08thatway D0_Lpicketts D11treeline
Commands Honored Monument Studying Pickett's Charge Site of Cavalry Battle
D12hamptons D13custer D14remembrance D16cemetery
Union Cavalry won battle here, now called Custer Avenue Cemetery
D17address D18hq D20window D21interior
Remembering Lincoln's Great Speech Meade's Headquarters
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Photos taken by Linda Walcroft, October 2004


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