Petersburg to Appomattox

The End of the War

At the end of the summer in 1998, our class traveled from Petersburg to Appomattox. Here we saw where General Grant finally defeated Robert E. Lee's famous Army of Northern Virginia in April of 1865. Although the Civil War did not totally end with Lee's surrender at Appomattox Court House, the Confederacy was basically lost. Their president and government officials had fled Richmond when word came that Petersburg had finally fallen.

Lee's surrender at Appomattox was accepted by Grant with gracious dignity. There is beauty to the story but it is tempered by the knowledge that the war had wasted many lives and virtually destroyed the resources of the south.

Below are photographs of the final two field trips in our nine-year series. We had covered the war chronologically, traveling throughout Virginia and venturing into West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Loading car City Point Pamplin Park
Loading the Flip Chart City Point Pamplin Park
cannonfire lunch diagram
Cannon Demo, Petersburg Luxury Picnic Grant had Lee in his Grasp
class outside listening to song thoughtful students
Appomattox at Last Playing a Farewell Song Pondering the End of the War

Photos taken by Linda Javins Walcroft, Summer 1998, on a trip that was part of Advanced Civil War class, Northern Virginia Community College


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