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Into Virginia from the North 1861

Romney to Delaplane Tour

In 1861, Federal Troops entered Virginia by four primary routes. On this tour we explore a few events connected with the Northern Route in which the Union crossed the Potomac from Maryland into Western Virginia.

In June of 1861, military actions on the Upper Potomac began when Union troops under General Lew Wallace occupied Cumberland and then routed Confederate troops from Romney.

On July 2, a Federal Force under Maj.-Gen. Robert Patterson crossed the Potomac at Williamsport and headed for Martinsburg. They soon skirmished with Confederate troops.

Within a few weeks, Confederates under Gen. Johnston were needed at Manassas Junction. They slipped away from Winchester and along with Thomas J. Jackson's troops, headed for Manassas.

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Indian Mound Cemetery, Romney, WV Lecture Near Hanging Rock
261darkesvilletalk 265darkesvilleUMC 365parischurch farm
Darkesville, WV Paris, VA
366umbrellyn 470delaplanesign 474delaplanebike 475delaplane
Avoiding raindrops Delaplane Marker Delaplane, VA

Dr. Poland's book The Glories of War provides a thorough description of the 1861 struggle for western Virginia.

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