Grafton to Camp Allegheny Tour / 041Philippi
Photo by Linda Walcroft
May 2007

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Philippi from river
Civil War marker
Philippi seen from across the Tygart River

Excerpt from Civil War Trails Marker:

The Commands
The First Campaign

Col. Benjamin F. Kelley
Kelley, a railroad agent in Philadelphia and former resident of Wheeling, was called back to command the First Virginia (Union) Infantry - the first Union regiment raised in the South. He planned and led the attack on Philippi. Severely wounded there, he recovered and was awarded a Brigadier General's Star.

Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan, Commanding, US Army, Department of the Ohio
Maj. General Thomas A. Morris, Commanding, US Army, Western Virginia.

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Col. George A. Porterfield
Porterfield was from Jefferson County (West) Virginia. He was an 1844 graduate of Virginia Military Institute and a veteran of the Mexican War. On May 4, Gen. Lee made him commander in the Northwest. Chased out of Philippi by the Federals on June 3, he retreated to Huttonsville. On June 8, Lee replaced him with Brig. Gen. Robert S. Garnett. A board of inquiry reprimanded him for not defending Philippi, but noted his skillful and orderly retreat.

Maj. Gen. Robert E. Lee, Commanding, Virginia Militia
Col. George A. Porterfield, Commanding, Virginia Militia, Northwestern Virginia

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