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Kanawha Valley Campaign

West Virginia - 1861

After leaving Kanawha Falls, we headed up into the mountains, just as the Confederates did in their 1861 "retrograde." Union forces under General Cox made camp in the Gauley Bridge area and that remained their headquarters for the rest of this campaign.

Confederate General Wise was joined by General Floyd, also a former governor of Virginia. Wise resented Floyd and did not cooperate with him.

Union forces under Rosecrans followed the Confederates into the rugged mountains. A battle at Cross Lanes was Floyd's only real victory of the campaign. A few weeks later his army was defeated at Carnifex Ferry.

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cemetery and hills college students zoar church
Panoramic View of Cross Lanes Students on the hill above Zoar Church Zoar Church, Cross Lanes
man at cannon outdoor lecture farm house women on steps
Lecture at Carnifex Ferry Henry Patterson House, Carnifex Ferry
view of river vista view at overlook lecture
View from Carnifax Ferry Battlefield View from Hawks Nest Along the road at Hawk's Nest State Park Flipchart Showing Rosecrans' Plan

scene with iris

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