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The Peninsula Campaign:
Westover Plantation


Westover Plantation was headquarters to the Union Fifth Corps. Nearby is Harrison's Landing, final supply point for McClellan's Peninsula Campaign.

After the battle of Malvern Hill, Federal forces were weakened to the point that orders came from Washington to not take the offensive. During the month of August Union troops were withdrawn from the Peninsula, denying Lee a decisive victory. However, McClellan's failure to take Richmond meant that the war would continue.

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gate westover James river
The grounds of Westover are open to the public View of the James River
group at westover manor house lawn
Historic Westover, built 1730
garden Byrd byrd monument
This garden is tranquil today. Monument to William Byrd II, colonial leader and writer Byrd built Westover and also founded the cities of Richmond and Petersburg.
Westover is on the James River not far from Richmond, Virginia

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