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In the Footsteps of Lee's Antietam Campaign

The Battle of Second Bull Run

cannon at Bull RunThe Second Battle of Bull Run took place on August 28-30, 1862. Much of the site is now Manassas Battlefield National Park. Here the Union Army under John Pope met Lee's army in the area where the Battle of First Manassas was fought a year before.

people hiking trailOn our Second Manassas field trip, we explored on the sites of the 1862 battle including Groveton and the Unfinished Railroad. Walking trails and pleasant scenery make this a delightful tour.

sign at unfinished railroad battleManassas Junction was a railroad junction where the Union had a supply base. Stonewall Jackson's forces destroyed the supply base and then engaged Union forces on the battlefield that had been the scene of the first battle of the war. Second Bull Run ended as a Confederate victory, with Lee marching his army northward into Maryland. Lincoln removed Pope from command, replacing him rather reluctantly with George McClellan.

Cedar Mountain to Antietam
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Photos taken by Linda Walcroft, Summer 1993


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